I’ve been meaning to blog Hayley & Antonio’s amazing wedding for some time but with album orders and christmas I’ve only now had a chance to show off their brilliant day. Hayley contacted me last Spring and I knew straight away this was going to be a fun one! The fact it was to be held at Pembroke Lodge in the beautiful Richmond Park along with it being an Autumn wedding… AND all of 5 minutes from where I live… what’s not to like?

The intimate ceremony was held in the Russell Suite with fantastic views over the Thames Valley and it was certainly an emotional service with plenty of happy tears. Drinks on the lawn surrounded by the beautiful colours of Autumn gave me a chance to take some relaxed, natural portraits while Hayley & Antonio took a breather before the wedding breakfast and speeches. With the evening drinks and dancing in full swing it was time to slip away into the eery darkness of a long since closed Richmond Park leaving the happy couple to throw some serious shapes on the dancefloor.

Here’s the story of their day…

A view from Pembroke Lodge over Richmond Park during sunsetA young girl in a pink dress at a WeddingA Groom leans over to kiss his mother just before his marriage ceremonyA Groom chats to his guests before his marriage ceremonyA black & white image of a groom laughing while he waits for his bride at a weddingA mono image of a Groom waiting at the alter while a harpist plays in the backgroundA vintage wedding car arrives at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond ParkA smiling bride is reflected in the window of her wedding car as she arrives at her weddingA bride & her father laugh in a wedding car as they arrive for her weddingA close up of the Groom waiting patiently for his bride at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Upon ThamesA bride walking up the stairs with her bridesmaid and father as they arrive at her weddingA close up of a harpists hands as she plays the strings at a wedding ceremonyA shot from over the Groom's shoulder as the bride walks down the aisle with her father at a weddingA bride smiles at her husband to be at her wedding ceremonyA bride & groom hug each other at their wedding ceremony as their guests look onA bride smiles during her wedding ceremony at Pembroke LodgeA wedding couple hold hands and laugh during their ceremony at Pembroke LodgeA close up shot of a wedding couple holding hands during their ceremonyA close up of a groom's hand as he admires his wedding ring during the ceremonyA bride & groom smile coyly at each other during their wedding ceremony as their guests clap their handsNewlyweds kiss at the end of their wedding ceremony at Pembroke LodgeNewlyweds face their guests as they clap at the end of their wedding ceremony at Pembroke LodgeThe bride's parents smile at each other during her wedding ceremonyA newlywed couple walk down the aisle at their wedding at Pembroke Lodge in RichmondA Groom helps his bride down the stairs at their wedding in Pembroke Lodge, RichmondA guest cries with happiness as a bride hugs a fellow guest on her wedding day in the grounds of Pembroke Lodge in RichmondThe groom shares a joke with his friends at his weddingA bride & groom stroll through the grounds of Pembroke Lodge with views of Richmond Park in the backgroundA newlywed couple kiss with views of the Thames Valley behind them in Richmond ParkA bride & groom sit chatting on a park bench surrounded by purple & yellow flowers in Richmond ParkA bride & groom laugh together as they sit on a bench behind a small wall in Richmond ParkA groom kisses his bride while standing in a woodland parkA bride & groom face each other underneath a long covered walkway of vines in Richmond ParkA bride hugs a little girl at her wedding breakfast at Pembroke LodgeA black & white image of a bride smiling with a white background at her weddingA bride & groom laugh as they look at pictures with the groom's mother at the table during their wedding breakfastA close up of a white wedding cake with icing shaped like flowers and a blue ribbonA bride & groom drink shots during their wedding breakfastA bride pulls a face after drinking a shot of Tequila at her wedding breakfast at Pembroke LodgeA bridesmaid gives a speech at the wedding breakfast as the bride & groom look on smilingA bride kisses her bridesmaid on her forehead at her wedding breakfastA bride laughs as her husband gives his wedding speechA bride bursts out laughing during the speeches at her wedding breakfastThe wedding party all laugh as the groom gives his speech at the receptionA Groom's family reach out in support as he gets emotional during his wedding speechThe Groom's mother wipes away tears during her son's speech as his dad smilesThe Groom and Best Man laugh during his speech at a wedding in Pembroke Lodge, RichmondA wide shot of Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park, SurreyA bride smiles as she dances with her husband at their wedding receptionA close up shot of a bride smiling at her groom during their first danceA wedding guest holds up her little girl while dancing at a wedding reception with coloured light trails swirling around themA wedding guest raise her hand and laughs while dancing at a receptionA black & white shot of wedding guests dancing at a receptionTwo boys dance towards the camera during a wedding reception